What does Vrouwenrechtswinkel Amsterdam (VRWA) do?

frequently asked questions
VRWA is there for everyone who needs it. Our primary target group is women in a financially vulnerable position. The questions are adjusted to that. Anyone who feels addressed or who benefits from VRWA can ask her anything. However, on this website and in our communications, we refer to the term “women” because that is the legal category we often deal with, especially when it comes to unequal treatment. We are thus conforming to the legal form. We are well aware that there are people who do not identify as men or women and hope that they too feel supported by VRWA.

VRWA is there for everyone who needs help in obtaining answers to legal questions. However, VRWA cannot provide legal assistance but can refer you to lawyers/lawyers who can.

VRWA is a resource for women who want to pursue their rights. VRWA provides answers to legal questions and gives free tailor-made advice. VRWA offers legal help with subjects related to work, finances, education and care by means of a simple questionnaire. Can’t VRWA do enough for the user? Then VRWA is ready to think along about possible follow-ups or advice.
You will then get a VRWA employee on the phone. He or she will make sure you get an answer to your question or will connect you to a person who can help you further.

VRWA is a platform in development. We are adding to our questions on a daily basis. In order to get an answer to your question you can contact our advisors at 020-700 88 25. We are available Monday to Friday between 09:00 – 17:00.