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From 4 July to 29 August 2022, we are closed for new intakes. Only follow-up advice will be scheduled during this period.

Would you like to receive free advice from our advisors after this period? Book your appointment here or step by during our walk-in hours!

Do you live outside the Amsterdam area, but do you have a legal question? Simply ask your question online via VraagClara and expect an immediate answer!

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Organisation with a mission

There is still a lot of inequality between men and women, while every human being needs equal opportunities to achieve equal rights. That is why we have created a place where all women feel welcome and heard.

Areas of law

We are happy to provide you with free legal advice. You can contact us by dropping by during opening hours, making an appointment online or using our contact form.

You can contact us for these areas of law:

Labour law

Labour law is the field of law that regulates the relationship between an employer and an employee.

Social security

Social security law ensures that people have an income in case of incapacity for work, illness, retirement or unemployment

Rental law

Tenancy law regulates the possibilities and consequences of entering into a tenancy agreement.

Law of persons
and family law

Het personen- en familierecht houdt zich bezig met familiaire zaken als scheiding, geboorte, afstamming en huwelijk.

Administrative law

Administrative law focuses on government decisions and lays down rules for the way in which the government has to carry out its administrative task. Examples are granting benefits, levying taxes and establishing zoning plans.

Immigration law

Immigration law is part of administrative law, but it concerns all rules related to the admission, stay and removal of foreigners.

Other legal questions?

Neem contact met ons op om te kijken of wij iets voor u kunnen betekenen.

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Client experience

I am grateful that Amsterdam now has a place where only women come. This makes me feel safer to ask for advice on certain subjects.

Gabriela Petralia